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          Most of what I have written about has a lot to do with new technologies but I would like to look at new design for a while. I came across this lamp which you can see in the photo below.
          It is such a simple idea but so functional and creative at the same time. The lamp shade is perforated so you can store your earrings on it by sliding them throught the holes as you would your ears. In the first photo you will see it is so bland, even worse than a standard lamp but by adding earrings to it, especially your own personal ones that you wear a lot you are adding your own style to the lamp. You will see examples of this in the other photos. This also means that no two lamps will ever be the same.
         It was created by Baba Akcja and named the “Sophia Lamp”.
TOnce the earrings are  on the shade it looks like a piece of art. It does not matter if you have ten or One hundred pairs of ear rings. It’l look great and personal to your own style. 
Here you can see clearly the holes in the shade.

As I have decided to do stop motion as part of my Avant Garde assignment i was looking up didfferent techniques and styles. I came across this animator called “PES” (Adam Pesapane) who create advertisements using stop motion animation.

I have included a few examples;

 Check out this advertisement for Scrabble. It’s definitely worth a look.

“Pes has created short films which have won awards such as Best First Film award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. In addition to becoming an internet phenomenon, “Roof Sex” was featured at over 100 film festivals worldwide and won numerous awards.It is thought to be one of the most widely-viewed stop-motion films of all time.”

Digitally Capture & Store Everything You Write
Transports Your Handwritten Words Right to Windows
“Imagine having a notepad with the ability to transfer what you’ve written on paper directly into your Windows operating system?”
I know at first glimpse it may just look like i’m taking about a graphics tablet but this is different. You can write in your own hand-writing onto prdinary paper and it will allow you to store this digitally. It captures everything you document in ink. Then you can easily view, edit, organize and share your handwritten notes in Windows.
Take Notes
Place any ordinary paper or notepad on the digital pad. Write on the paper with the digital inking pen. The digital pad digitally records anything you write in its built-in storage device or an optional CF card in real time. One page you write is stored as one digital page.
Connect to the PC
Connect the digital pad to your PC by USB port.
Organize Your Notes
With its DigiMemo Manager software, you can easily view, edit and organize your digital pages in Windows. Save any digital pages you arbitrarily select as a book file (e-Book).
This digital notepad is perfect for meetings etc.. for just scribbling notes or drawing charts/ graphs. It does not need to be connected to a computer to work as this is the whole point of the product.
the notes you take can just be edited or altered using the software, which at the moment is only compatable with Windows and these files can be saved or emailed. the picture directly above is a view of the software. In that sense it is more functional than a graphics tablet however both have their uses.


  • Technology: Electronic Magnetic
  • Storage Medium: Built-in 8 MB storage device
  • Dimension Size: 12.17″ (length) x 8.23″ (width)
  • Thickness:
    Thinnest part 9.8mm (0.39″)
    Thickest part 15.7mm (0.62″)
  • Writing Area: 150 mm x 211 mm (5.9″ x 8.3″)
  • Writing Thickness: 12 mm (0.47″); approx. 120 sheets of paper
  • Notepad Holder: 150 mm x 232 mm (5.9″ x 9.1″)
  • Max. Paper Size: A5 size; 211mm (length) x 150mm (width)
  • Optional Storage Medium: Type I CompactFlash (CF) memory card
  • Power Source: 4 batteries (1.5volt, size AAA)
  • Battery Life: about 100 hours
  • Power Voltage: 3V
  • Power Current: under 25 mA
  • Power Consumption: 75 mW
  • Sleep Mode: Automatically Sleep Function
  • Interface to Computer: USB port


               I personally think apple are always one step ahead, leaving everyone else desperately trying to play catch up.
              The new iShuffle from apple is the first iPod or MP3 player that talks to you. Its aims are to improve on the previous shuffle by making it smaller with a more secure clip to attach it to your clothing.
It is made smaller by simply having no controls other than a single button for power, shuffle or continuously play. The rest of the controls are on the headphones. The other reason for this is now the user has more control over the shuffle. By pressing the controls one can find out what song is playing and also change which playlist is playing by a voice that tells you all the information you need without disturbing your run or walk. The used will not have to look down at the MP3 player for any reason but to turn it on and off.
“The coloursonic music ring was designed by Korean designer Rhea Jeong. It is the new futuristic form of MP3 player.”

“it is a system relating color-combination playlists to music and connect emotional links in between.”

The Colorsonic MP3 player will display its playlist using a choice of colors, where individual colors would represent a specific music genre. You could either play songs from one genre or more than one genre, all you need to do is select a couple of colors from the wheel and you’re ready to go. The Colorsonic MP3 player is designed to match user-created playlists with mood-appropriate colors and display on its ring-shaped body.



When uploading your music from your computer to the MP3 player it allows you to highlight different songs/genres in a range of colours. By creating your playlist the colours of the genres inside your playlist are shown on the ring and this is said to compliment your mood. the





The songs you listen to reflect the mood you are in e.g. mellow vs dance music. The colours create a visual representaion of this mood.


The ear buds are innovative in that they are bluetooth and can be stored in the centre of the ring by magnets!! I think the idea and the design of this is amazing.

How many lumps of coal did i burn in one day?

On Friday from when I woke in the morning until last thing at night I dowloaded:


       There is a lot of talk about SMART home but in this video you can see it put into action. In Korea they have it implemented into a house. It is AMAZING. There is a scan taken of your face and the kitchen is catered to your every need. The work tops lower or raise themselves depending on your height . Your Fridge will talk to you and be able to tell you what food you have in the fridge, the details of each food and the use by date on each also. It will alert you when food has almost reached its’ sell by date. By placing food on an ordinary plate and placing this plate on the counter, your kitchen can tell not only what is on the plate, but recipes too. this is done by a computer chip placed the bottom of an ordinary plate. 

      It is this chip and technology that is used through out the whole house, it is just used in different ways. In the bathroom. It can run a bath to the exact depth and temperature to suit you. In the living room or entertainment room there is an “E Table”. It is similar to the multitouch coffee table i wrote about in my last blog. It allows you to change what picture is in what frame digitally. When music is chosen, this advanced technology automatically changes the “wallpaper” or surrounding walls to suit the mood of the music. 

     This is is the same in the bedrooms. It turns the panels on the walls into games, touch screen widgets and learning tools. It is amazing. To be able to see this technology implemented in this way. These sort of homes were only really ever seen on TV but now they will be available from 2015. Does this mean in another 30-50 years that this technology will be seen in the average home?


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