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Robots Used in War

Posted on: April 7, 2009

“A Robots Revolution is upon us” – PW Singer

I saw this on and only wanted to watch it for my own benefit. After listening to it I decided I should blog about it. Its is so incredibly interesting a frightening at the same time. To see the advancement and use of robotics in warfare. When America first went into Iraq they had a handful of robots to assist them in different ways and means. That multiplied to having 5300 drones in the air as well as 12,000 ground systems when the military initially went in with none of these.


The Robots used today in war are quite advanced in their capabilities and are said to be the future of War. According to PW Singer in 25 years these Robots will be

“A billion times more powerful in their computing than today…because of the ability to pack in more and more computing power.”

This is said to be even bigger than the invention of the Atomic Bomb. Every revolution so far was about a system who shot faster or more powerful but now because of these advanced Robots;

“Mankinds 5000 year old monopoly on the fighting of war is breaking down.”

Its having rippling effects on society. The US are ahead in Robotics right now but will not always be that way. The person who invents it is not always the person or nation who utilises it the best. America could have created something that in time could lead to its’ own destruction. Apparently studying the cross between robotics and terrorism will be fascinating. To me it just all sounds like a Sci-Fi film but this is becoming more and more realistic everyday.

The other factor that comes in to consideration when using these Robots is the present generations obsession with Youtube. These robots record their movements and killings. These are then posted on Youtube. Surely this has to have negative social effects? According to PW Singer it “reshapes” the publics view on War. Building connections like never before between home place and place of war. I suppose by placing clips like that on Youtube it can have one of two effects. The positive effect being that the more people who view these terrible acts of War will wake up and realise that there could be a different way to deal with conflict. On the negative, but more realistic side, maybe it makes people will mistake it for entertainment. When seen or a medium like youtube it may be miscontrude as tv instead of real footage. Studied have proved that younger generations have lost the ability to be shocked. Perhaps this is true. People might become almost immune to footage on the news or youtube and almost ignore or not be horrified by the goings on in Countries at War.

Technology and Media are not always positive. Hopefully there will not be as negative an outcome as is predicted for these technologies.



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