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Dj’s need phones too.

Posted on: April 5, 2009


“It’s a device that bridges musical creativity and communication.”
 This gadget to me is the gadget of all gadgets. maybe it is because it is the area i’m most interested in but it is really cool check it out.

It is made by motorola and designed by Jose Tomas DeLuna and is called KRE8 (create)
It is first and foremost a phone but also allows you to create your own music. 
“KRE8 splits into two(L,R) and uses sensors and accelerometers to figure out the gestures you are making. Broadly there are three modes in the system: Instrument Mode (guitar, drums, violin), Mix Mode and Record Mode.”
It records in midi format. This allows you to share your music and alter ti. If you want also other people can alter it or mix with you, using 3G. Being touchscreen it has a completely different interface than any music player or mixing system. after looking at the video this interface starts to make sense and seems to be mapped well. hopefully this would let someone with little knowledge of mixing or music to use this system.

There is not much that this device can’t do?
The music that you create on the device can be transmitted via wireless networks and can be broadcasted to allow any other KRE8 user to listen to the composition or add to it.

The completed mixes can be stored on the wireless network and tagged with GPS coordinates. This way when another KRE8 user comes in proximity to where the original user had tagged their mixes, they’ll get a notification that a creative piece was left there, and can listen, or add to it.



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