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Precise Measures for any Interior

Posted on: March 22, 2009

“Red Point Measure might very well be one of the best concepts ever invented. It is almost 100% automatic and uses lasers and a computerized chip which is bound not to fail.”

It is designed by Huang Qiaokun. The Red Point Measure is a digital measure that applies current laser ray measure techniques to mathematics formula of triangles by simply measuring a target from afar. By using the laser beam measurement technology and a simple mathematical formula triangle principle.
Its also really easy to use. Once turned on two visible red laser beams will come out from its “arms”, leaving a small red marker point on the surfaces. All you have to do is open or close the measurement device so the red markers are where your measure tape should have been. Press a button and the Red Point Measure will tell you the exact distance between the two markers.


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