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Take a look at this video. It shows an alternative way to store files on your computer. It ranges from high resolution photographs to newspapers to entire books. It offers a new way to store and retrieve files. It has other purposes such as advertising e.g. on the newspapers, it is hoped that by advertising like this it will stop annoying pop-ups. For photographs it does not matter what size they may be, they are stitched together and you can seamlessly zoom in or out to view them without loosing any quality.

It has almost perfected to ability to zoom. To see an example of this go to 1.22 mins. There is an entire novel shown as an image. when you zoom in it is very easy to see and even read. It is amazing.

An incredible feature that combines two applications is sea dragon (which i was just talking about) and another to do with visual effects and photo sense. Have a look at 2.56 mins to see it in action but it is incredible. If you take a few photos on a day out and there is a lot of scenery, for example, it arranges them so that they are almost stitched together like a panorama.

This keeps getting better. I thought the first part of the video was great but as i got to 4 minutes the best was still to come. I is using the photo sense technology. It allows the user to download any image eg. from Flickr and it weill join them all together to create o model of what is in the photos eg. the eiffel tower. Watch from four minutes onwards. It is amazing!

Sea Dragon is also available on iPhone and iPod Touch!!

Here is another video explaining Sea Dragon


I know I already have an entry on Benjamin Button and the technology around it. I found this video which explains in detail EXACTLY how it is done. when i made the original entry i looked everywhere for this and could not find it. It shows examples from the film. It is amazing. Definitely worth a watch. To think that the film has been in circulation for 25 years but the technology was not there to create it until now.

I made a blog entry 2 weeks ago about iPhone Apps. I just wanted to show this link for anyone who is interested in perhaps making an App.

My Dad is re-living his youth by returning to  DJing. My house has turned into  music central with two DJ’s living under one roof. When my Dad tells me about songs he has downloaded I usually take no notice but i have to share these youtube videos with the world. To me creating music is the most creative thing someone can do. It can be thought but is usually a natural flare that sets people apart. The style of music is not important. Beethoven, Freddie Mercury or Tiesto have all brought creativity of a different kind. 

In these videos you will see a mix of songs mixed to perfection. Maybe the songs are not your cup of tea but it is easy to appreciate the work and creativity that has gone in to them. If you go to this website you can read all bout it. There is also a mash up of 16 songs. I have attached two Youtube Videos.

Considering that an estimated 1.3 to 1.5 billion cell phone chargers are sold each year, the new standard will certainly send huge ripples throughout the cell phone industry.

This is a short entry just because there isn’t much I can really say about the topic but i thought it was definitely worth a mention. As of January 2010 phone manufacturers will be creating phones with a standard charger in the form of mini USB. CS chargers will include a 4-star or higher efficiency rating, which is up to three times more energy-efficient than an unrated charger. It is great for the user as there are over 30 types of chargers in circulation at the moment. I’m sure we have all been away or in a friends house when your battery dies and no one has the correct charger. In 2012 it hope that everyone will be in possession of a new phone compatible with the standardized charger, wiping out the old ones completely.

“Imagine a keyboard PC with a 5-inch touchscreen built in….At a weight of under 1KG, it also features a 1.6GHz Intel Atom microprocessor, 1GB DDR2 DRam, Windows XP Home and either 16 or 32 GB storage.”


An entire computer built into a standard desktop keyboard. Instead of there being numbers on the right there is a five inch screen. This is not the most practical of course but its actual function is a portable computer that you can hook up to any display. Whether it is a monitor or a TV. All your files will be stored in the keyboard. I know you can just use a laptop but this would be cheaper and easier to carry around. It only weighs two pounds!!! I like it because it’s another way of looking at things and thinking outside the box.

It really has all the functions of a desktop computer. It even has built in speakers.


Here is some more info:

       Woody Norris has over 40 patents and most of his successes are to do with audio of some sort. Not all, but most. In the video attached here he is demonstrating an invention that will revolutionise the way we listen to…well, pretty much everything. It is a way of manipulating sound waves so that only the intended person hears the sound. This has been done with light for many years e.g. spotlights and lasers. A way of explaining this in a visual context is the light bulb. If you leave a light bulb with no shade the light goes everywhere and fills the room. If you cover one side of it in black then the light only fills half the room. The same can be said for lasers. No body has used the technology for sound. The sound comes out of speakers and is free to fill whatever environment it wants. The only way for a person to avoid this sound is to leave the room. With Woody Norris’ invention this is no longer the case. A good example of its intended use is in a situation where an audience varies, like a car. The people in the front of the car can listen to music and the passengers in the back or children can listen to a DVD. Neither sound will interfere with the other. He has created the ability to direct sound. It is demonstrated in the video and definitely worth a look. He even speaks about its use in the military.


Here is a site where you can find more of his work.


Here is a picture of how Hypersonic Sound works. (this in a old picture but the principles are the same.)  






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